Elevate Your Spirits with Wildflower Distilling's Exclusive 3-Pack Collection!

Elevate Your Spirits with Wildflower Distilling's Exclusive 3-Pack Collection!

Hello, Spirits Aficionados!

We at Wildflower Distilling are ecstatic to introduce our latest offering that's set to tantalise your taste buds – the exclusive 3-Pack Collection featuring our Wildflower Signature Gin, Pink Gin, and Lamington Vodka. Each 200ml bottle in this trio is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship, flavor, and innovation.

A Trio of Distinct Flavors

Our 3-Pack Collection is not just a set of spirits; it's an invitation to explore a world of exquisite flavours and unique experiences. Let's dive into what each bottle has to offer:

1. Wildflower Signature Gin (200ml): Our award winning Signature Gin is a celebration of botanical harmony. Distilled with the honey from our backyard bee-hives, this london dry is refreshing taste with a hint of citrus and floral notes. It's perfect for a classic G&T or as a base for your favourite gin cocktails.

2. Wildflower Pink Gin (200ml): Our Pink Gin is a visual and sensory delight. Infused with natural botanicals and a hint of sweetness, it features a gorgeous pink hue and a fragrant aroma. Raspberry notes and floral undertones make it ideal for a refreshing spritz or a delightful cocktail.

3. Wildflower Lamington Vodka (200ml): Embrace the unique with our Lamington Vodka, inspired by the beloved Australian dessert. This vodka blends chocolate, coconut, and a hint of strawberry to create a rich, indulgent flavor. It's perfect for crafting innovative cocktails such as an espresso martini or enjoying as a luxurious after-dinner sip.



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