Gin & Wildflowers

Gin & Wildflowers

Spring has sprung, and to celebrate we're including a bee-friendly Wildflower seed mix with each bottle purchased online or at our cellar-door.

One of the botanicals included in our gin is the honey from our founder's backyard, which allows all our locals the ability to contribute to our gin by growing flowers.

This seed mixture from our friends Meadow Flowers, in Mudgeeraba, is specially designed to help look after our bees, the ecosystem - and us! The blend of wildflowers provides essential nutrition to our busy bees, fuelling them on to pollinate our food crops and plants and in our case helping create our Gin!

Containing 17 species of annuals flowers, your Bee-friendly mix can be sown in planters, along walls, in front gardens and in whole fields. A few annuals to name are Wild Bergamot, California Poppy and Menzies' Baby Blue Eyes.

You can grab a bottle from our online store, or directly at our cellar-door.
You can find the guide on how to sow the seeds here.
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